As part of improving industrial processes and meeting higher environmental standards, wastewater treatment is a key responsibility for the meat, dairy, and food industries. We provide a complete design, manufacture, and installation service for wastewater treatment, as well as equipment for sludge, and biosolids dewatering and drying.



Dissolved air flotation (DAF)

We are specialists in dissolved air flotation (DAF) plants, a primary wastewater treatment process that is very efficient at treating wastewater streams within a small footprint. It provides a high throughput and significant contaminant removal at a low operating cost.

Our range of DAF purification plants cater for most industrial wastewater sources. The technology works well in the meat, dairy, fish, and food processing industries, where DAF treats the organic compounds in effluent – such as oil and grease, BOD, COD, nitrogen and phosphorus. The system produces sludge for further mechanical or thermal processing and dewatering. Other industries that suit a DAF solution include: brewing, tanning, electroplating, oil refining, plastics, textile, chemical, and municipal treatment plants.


Features of dissolved air flotation

  • Throughput – 250m3/hr in a single unit.